3 Factors For A Successful Relationship

Do you get along with your partner? Would you like to know what are the three factors of success within a relationship ?, Read on to learn three factors that determines a successful relationship.

The Factors of a Successful Relationship

Self Opinion Attracts

You tend to feel attracted to a person who is about as happy as you. If you ever make the mistake of being attracted to a person with a self- opinion visibly inferior to yours, chances are that you think you can raise the self- opinion of the person. If an individual is involved with someone who has a lower self-concept invariably the person with the lowest self-concept will pull the person with greater self-concepts until both are level low. Nobody raises the self-concept of another. Only everyone can do it himself. This facilitates a successful relationship.



It is easy to fall in love, but we see too many cases in which individuals fall in love and out of love and have nothing but terrible things to say about the other. Eventually separate ways, there is nothing in common because infatuation can be based on many things except on a deep respect for the other person. Instead our partner drop us well takes time, requires communication, understanding, requires knowledge of the other person, requires listening and questioning, and someone we really like, liking us, we enjoyable is something you have to have to build and grow. So you will notice that the ideal marital relationship is one where your partner or partner is your best friend is the person who knows more about you and you would have talked more about you, and you will have talked more freely than anyone else in the world. This facilitates a successful relationship.

Opposites Attract but Only if it is Nature

In all the other aspects are the similarities that attract. Now what this means? that nature demands balance in all things, harmony between two people claim to be husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or even between two male friends. The nature demands a balance, so that our best relationships, our best friends are people with whom we complement ideally is a nice balance. The way you can tell if this balanced temperamentally with someone is observing the quality and tone of the conversation and also how much talk is done or not done in that conversation that this holding, the conversation has a natural and spontaneous flow quiet and you do not need direct force or be decided. This facilitates a successful relationship.