How to safely use sex toys?

There are many options for sex toys and so many ways to use them, that it can be difficult to know where to begin. Asking someone at a sex shop about the different products is a great way to learn about sex toys. You can also try out any product that interests you and then go from there. You may decide that sex toys don’t suit you. That’s perfectly fine. There are many options for different types of sex, so it doesn’t matter who you are or what types of sex you have. Sex toys are an option.

Sharing sex toys can spread STDs – if someone with an STD uses a toy, their body fluids can spread to other people. It’s important to prevent STDs if you share a sex toy with your partner.

After you have used your sex toys, wash them with mild soap and water. Also, before touching another person’s genitals. To prevent STDs from spreading, you can put condoms onto sex toys. Make sure to change condoms immediately after the toy touches someone’s genitals.

Use lots of lube if you are using a sex toy in your anus. The anus does not lubricate (get wet) like a vagina. Therefore, putting something in your anus without adding lube to it can make it painful, uncomfortable, or even dangerous. Don’t put a sex toy that has been in an anus into your vagina without first washing it and changing the condom. Vaginal infection can occur if germs from your anus make it into your vagina.

You should also ensure that your sex toys are secured with a sturdy base to prevent them from getting too far into your anus. You may need to visit a doctor or nurse if a sex toy gets too far into your anus. Your cervix can block the exit of a sex toy from your vagina.

Use silicone lube only with silicone sex toys, unless condoms are used. Silicone lube can react with your silicone toy and cause damage. Using water-based lube with all sex toys (and condoms) is safe.

You should not place a sex toy in your mouth, vagina, or anus. Non-porous toys are less likely to absorb germs and are easier to clean.

Even if your toys are clean, porous materials such as silicone blends, jelly rubbers, vinyl, TPR, and TPE, or other rubbery plastics can still absorb germs. To keep your toy clean and prevent germs from getting into your body, you can use a condom.


Where to buy sex toys?

Specialty stores are where you can purchase sex toys, also known as sex shops or adult stores. You may need to be at least 16 years old to shop in the store. A small selection of common sex toys is sold in some pharmacies, drug shops, and large retail stores.

You can purchase products online from Bliss Vixen Adult Store. They usually ship them in plain packaging to protect your privacy. It’s important to only buy products from trusted websites or stores that provide detailed information about the product. This will ensure that your sex toys are authentic.

If you are going to put sex toys inside your body, it is best to only use toys that have been specifically designed for this purpose. Do-it-yourself sex toys can be dangerous, especially if they break easily, are sharp, or have loose parts.