How Your Business Can Benefit From Legal Transcription

Let’s face it, the economies of running a business can be tight these days. This means you’re looking for the best ways to get quality work done with zero to minimum overhead, resource demands, and dollar costs.

One of the most effective ways for law firms, research companies, legal consulting agencies, and corporate clients to save and still maintain a high quality of workmanship is with outsourced legal transcription.

Now, you might be thinking that you can simply rely on the latest voice transcription software or just ask your summer student or intern to complete your legal transcriptions. We’re here to tell you that making such decisions will only cost you in the short- and long-term.


Instead, you need to develop a relationship with a proven legal transcription company who can provide you with a range of legal transcription services. Read on to learn how your company can benefit from legal transcription and to get the answer to a very popular question: what is legal transcription.

What is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is the process of transcribing any spoken or verbal legal proceeding. This transcription can involve creating a range of text document formats and printed formats.

Court reporters or legal transcriptionists are a key part of courtroom trials and legal proceedings. Using a specialized machine called a stenographer, legal transcriptionists and court reporters create a verbatim record of the courtroom proceedings. This is done in real-time and can include creating closed captioning for live video recordings of the proceedings.

With more companies realizing the value of the skills of legal transcriptionists, we now see legal transcription professionals working outside of the courtroom. It’s not uncommon for legal transcriptionists to be called on to record legal depositions, board meetings, conference sessions, annual general meetings, legal testimonies, legal documents, and official court meetings.

How You Can Benefit from Legal Transcription

Because legal transcriptionists specialize in providing an accurate verbatim document of the spoken word, you can be confident that you have the real facts on hand when you need them.

Along with taking the stress off your colleagues when trying to provide accurate transcripts of legal matters, you can use these documents to improve your client communications in all legal matters. Having a professionally created, edited, and reviewed legal transcript helps you when meeting with your clients to discuss case outcomes, strategy, and future proceedings.

Take advantage of professional outsourced legal transcription and know that your company is benefitting from:

  • Accuracy. You need accurate transcripts of your legal proceedings. You have zero room or time for errors or delays. A legal transcriptionist is trained to provide you with a verbatim, reviewed, and accurate document detailing the proceedings. In fact, research shows that legal transcriptionists can be relied on to provide the highest level of document accuracy.
  • Speed. By relying on a professional legal transcription company with fully trained professionals, you know you will receive your transcripts quickly and efficiently.
  • Professionalism. Trust in legal transcriptionists and court reporters to provide the highest level of professionalism in all aspects of handling your transcript. This includes knowing how to function in a legal setting and extends to having the skills to manage a range of document formats and deliverable types.
  • Confidentiality. Your legal documents must be 100% confidential and this means you cannot trust them to just anyone. Know that legal transcriptionists employed by reliable transcription and court reporting companies hold their employees to extremely high standards. Your documents will be stored securely and delivered to you in a format that eliminates the risk of hacking or other security violations.
  • Organization. It can be a challenge to keep track of and manage your digital files, trust in your legal transcription firm to do this for you. Discuss how and when you access your legal documents and work with your legal transcription company to set up a document management system that makes it easy for you to search for and access the information you need.
  • Consistency. You need these legal transcripts for professional reasons so there is no sense in having documents that are inaccurate, error-prone, and simply incorrect. Know that a legal transcriptionist will deliver you an accurate, peer-reviewed, verbatim document.

This is a high-level snapshot of how your business can and will benefit from outsourced professional legal transcription. Be confident that you’re trusting professionals to get the job done right with zero errors or time delays.


3 Factors For A Successful Relationship

Do you get along with your partner? Would you like to know what are the three factors of success within a relationship ?, Read on to learn three factors that determines a successful relationship.

The Factors of a Successful Relationship

Self Opinion Attracts

You tend to feel attracted to a person who is about as happy as you. If you ever make the mistake of being attracted to a person with a self- opinion visibly inferior to yours, chances are that you think you can raise the self- opinion of the person. If an individual is involved with someone who has a lower self-concept invariably the person with the lowest self-concept will pull the person with greater self-concepts until both are level low. Nobody raises the self-concept of another. Only everyone can do it himself. This facilitates a successful relationship.



It is easy to fall in love, but we see too many cases in which individuals fall in love and out of love and have nothing but terrible things to say about the other. Eventually separate ways, there is nothing in common because infatuation can be based on many things except on a deep respect for the other person. Instead our partner drop us well takes time, requires communication, understanding, requires knowledge of the other person, requires listening and questioning, and someone we really like, liking us, we enjoyable is something you have to have to build and grow. So you will notice that the ideal marital relationship is one where your partner or partner is your best friend is the person who knows more about you and you would have talked more about you, and you will have talked more freely than anyone else in the world. This facilitates a successful relationship.

Opposites Attract but Only if it is Nature

In all the other aspects are the similarities that attract. Now what this means? that nature demands balance in all things, harmony between two people claim to be husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend or even between two male friends. The nature demands a balance, so that our best relationships, our best friends are people with whom we complement ideally is a nice balance. The way you can tell if this balanced temperamentally with someone is observing the quality and tone of the conversation and also how much talk is done or not done in that conversation that this holding, the conversation has a natural and spontaneous flow quiet and you do not need direct force or be decided. This facilitates a successful relationship.


Found Your Soul Mate? Avoid These Mistakes To Make Your Relationship A Perfect One

So, you have just found your soul mate; that person makes you feel like being on the top of the world; keeps you happy and you just feel complete. It is very hard to find such a partner these days, and if you have found one, you should not let go of them.

However, no relationship is fighting proof and perfect. Every relationship sometimes hit the rock bottom. And even if your love calculator result shows that you love each other 100%, that might not come as a rescue when you have made a few relationship mistakes.


If you want to make sure you can carry on a smooth, happy and peaceful relationship, there are a few mistakes you should completely avoid. Let’s find out what are those –

  1. Losing the romance– The first few months of the relationship seems to be the honeymoon period. Everything looks perfect; even the moon (although you know that is just a satellite with rust and dust). But with passing time, it turns out to be pretty boring and you tend to lose the romance. It is probably because you start taking each other for granted. You should make sure that you are still doing those little things to spice the relationship up; even if it has been so many years that you have been dating for.
  2. Trying to have control over each other’s lives – Even if you are in a live-in relationship, and you have been together for a long period of time, it still doesn’t give you the right to control each other’s lives. It makes the other person feel suffocated and you should totally avoid that.
  3. Not paying attention to what the other one is saying – A lot of couples make the mistake of avoiding what their partners are saying. This could make the partner feel unwanted and irritated. You both should pay attention to each other and listen.
  4. Being dishonest or unfaithful – The rule of being in a peaceful and healthy relationship is, to be honest, and faithful to your partner. Lies of any sort will definitely wreck what you have. A truth can be harsh, but a lie is going to come out eventually and that will hurt your partner in the future even more. And that might end up the entire thing completely. So if you wish to lead a peaceful, long lasting and a happy relationship, you should never be dishonest to your partner.
  5. Expecting perfection – Nothing in this world is perfect. And honestly, perfection is a myth. And you should not expect things or the person you are with to be perfect too. Any mistake can be forgiven. All you need is a will to do. Do not make a big deal out of everything.
  6. Trying to make them feel guilty – Most of the times, couples try to make the other person feel guilty by blaming them for things they haven’t probably done deliberately. Or by showing disregard in everything that they do. This is something really unhealthy for your relationship. Doing such things will make the other person feel hatred for you.
  7. Leaving no time for one another – Most relationships break due to the lack of intimacy, lack of interest and lack of time for each other. No matter how busy you are, you still should take out time for each other. Make things up and talk. Have fun, eat and go out on a weekend trip. Reviving the relationship will make it a smooth one.
  8. Trying to change the other person – You did fell in love with the person because of what he/she is. Then why try to change the person to someone else after a year? This is something that can make the other person feel really uninterested towards you. People change automatically for their loved ones when they want to. You do not have to force them to change for you.
  9. Being disrespectful – Being together brings a lot of responsibilities. When you expect the other person to respect you and your feelings, you should do the same in return. Disrespecting their family members, friends, their decisions, their dreams, and desires or themselves, can turn out to be harmful to the relationship.
  10. 10. Allowing too much distance to develop – No matter what the issue is, you should not let it get in between you two. Do not allow a fight be the reason for distance and do not let that distance grow. This will make it harder for you to make amendments and with time it will be quite hard for you to minimize such a distance.
  11. 11. Being selfish – A healthy relationship is all about love and sacrifice and you should not be selfish. If you wish to continue a healthy and long-time relationship, you better make sure there is no place for greed and selfishness. Learn to compromise rather than trying to get your way all the time.
  12. 12. Not appreciating each other enough – People start taking their partners for granted after a few years and that is one of the reasons relationships don’t last long. You should make sure that you appreciate your partner once in a while. Exchange gifts and surprise each other. Make each other feel worthy enough.
  13. 13. Avoiding confrontation – It is never healthy to avoid a confrontation. If you have a problem with your partner, you should go ahead and talk about it; rather than avoiding it. Avoiding such a situation will ruin your peace of mind and you might start developing grudges against them.
  14. 14. Keeping ego – After a fight, it is really not healthy to keep ego and not talking about it. Talking makes everything perfect again. Keeping a lot of egos will bring distance to your relationship and that cannot be healthy for it. Keep your ego aside and patch up proactively, almost after every fight.

A relationship is quite a fragile thing. Make sure you handle it with care if you wish to have a healthy and happy love life. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, at all costs!


How To Determine The Correct Size For Safety Gloves?

Factory workers are exposed to the hazards of work-related accidents on a regular basis. Undoubtedly, providing them adequate safety equipment is the responsibility of an employer. Safety gloves are not only the most widely used, but also one of the most effective safety mechanisms.

Undertaking a hazard assessment is necessary to select the right gloves of the best quality. Once a glove gets selected for use in an industrial application, its size must be determined. As an employer, you will need to select gloves of different sizes, keeping in mind your individual employees, who till now were undertaking various work operations without the added security the safety gloves could provide.

Without a doubt, the possibility of injuries to an unprotected hand is multi fold. A small glove might compromise the wearer’s agility while a pair that is too large can get caught in parts of moving machinery or its edges. Ordering gloves that are too large or too small could result in delays in job completion and also expose employees to the dangers of probable hand injuries. Hand gloves that are too small can make your workers feel uncomfortable and cause fatigue in the hands. On the other hand, if the gloves are too big then it will easily tear or rip apart during use. Gloves that are too loose can even pull the hand or person into a moving machinery, causing fatal accidents in the process. Therefore, you need to choose the size of gloves with great care to ensure that it fits the hand measurements of your workers.


Once you ensure you have the best-fitting gloves, your employees can feel safe and rely on your choice of the best possible protection. The work process will suffer no setbacks as a result.

To determine the correct size of a glove, you will need a measuring tape. You could start with carefully measuring the hands of your employees. The dominant hand should be right for workers who are right handed and left for those who are left handed.

In case the gloves that you opt for are available in similar sizes, then you can relate inch measurement of your hand directly to the actual size of the glove. For instance, if the measurement taken is 7 inches, then you should select a glove of size 7. If the measurement is over 7 inches, then a pair of larger size will be required to avoid the issue of hand fatigue.

In case the gloves that you buy are available in lettered sizes like S, M or XL, you can easily translate to numerical size to ensure easy selection. Since gloves are offered in different lengths, it is essential to decide the glove’s length as per the task the employee would perform wearing them.

Usually, the ideal length of the glove varies according to the depth of immersion in a solution, or the level of splash protection needed. Therefore, you should take considerable time to measure and select the correct glove size to ensure that your employees feel safe at the workplace. This will make sure that no mishaps take place in your factory. The work process will become smoother than before, and as a result, the productivity of your employees will rise.


How do relationships change when couples get married?

The beginning of every relationship is like a dream. You are looking forward to receive a call you’re your partner, you will see each other every day of the week and again you will miss your partner when you are not together. You plan everything together and everything you do with your partner seems perfect. You cannot keep your hands off of each other. It is perfect. But this phase will eventually end no matter what you do. But this doesn’t have to mean that you and your partner doesn’t love each other anymore. On the contrary you will enter into the best part of every relationship. If you are planning a wedding, Visit us today and we will help you make it incredible.

Why is marriage better than the beginning of the relationship?

You will not be so ashamed of your body functions

This does not sound very romantic, but it’s true. At the beginning of the relationship you will certainly not feel comfortable burping in front of your partner or blowing your nose. But all these are natural bodily functions are something that you should not be ashamed of. Just because of these simple reasons, serious relationships and marriages are truly amazing. You do not have to be ashamed of anything anymore. You can do everything in front of your partner. Absolutely everything and they will still love you the same way.

It will be easier to talk about things you used to avoid

It is not easy to discuss topics such as finances, family relationships at the beginning of the relationship. There are many things that you do not feel comfortable talking about with your partner. But once you get married, all these walls will break down and you will notice that it becomes easier to talk about these things in a mature way. You will start to make important decisions together and it is one of the biggest benefits that every married couple can experience. There is nothing more lovely and romantic than making important decisions together.

You will spend more time with friends and family

Once you get married, it will be normal to spend more time with friends and family than you used to. You will also enjoy spending time with your partner’s family and friends (if they treat you right of course). It will all begin with an ordinary exchange of phone numbers, then it will be transformed into going to clubs or restaurants with the sister of your partner. This way you will even get closer with your partner, because he will appreciate the efforts you make to spend more time with his family and friends. But do not forget about your family too. You will begin to visit them more often, but this time with your partner.

So, getting married does not mean that the romance is over. You are only beginning a new and more exciting chapter of your lives.

Sexual Health

The Importance Of STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be deadly, and ensuring that everyone has access to testing and information on the subject is crucial.

Unfortunately, there are many myths about STDs, and while our society tends to place a high value on sexual activity, educating people about the risk of reckless sexual behavior has often been undervalued or even actively discouraged.

A famous example is the reaction to the discovery of HIV in the 1980s. This virus was blamed on a range of factors, none of which were the cause, and the associated ignorance and stigma led to many people taking ill-advised risks or avoiding testing and treatment. Fortunately, efforts to educate people on STDs have increased awareness in recent years.


How do you get Tested?

It is easier now than ever before to go in for STD testing. Phoenix has many clinics that offer this service. Besides STD testing facilities around Phoenix, you can also find places available in every major US city to be tested for the full range of STDs. This is usually done by taking a blood or urine sample or a swab, and the results can be made available quickly, together with appropriate safe sex or treatment advice.

What are STDs?

STDs are contagious diseases passed on by someone who is already infected through sexual activity. They can be produced by bacteria, viruses or parasites. Many of the STDs caused by bacteria and parasites can be treated with the use of antibiotics or topical lotions. The most common bacterial STDs are syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Those STDs that are produced by viruses are often incurable, although advances in medicine mean that they can be treated to varying degrees. Among the most common virus infections are herpes, HPV and the most dangerous, HIV, which can lead to AIDs.

How is HIV Spread?

Contrary to many urban myths and much disinformation, it is not possible to contract HIV through kissing or through toilet seats. The most common way to get HIV is through sexual activity with a HIV-positive person, sharing needles with someone who is infected or through direct contact with HIV-contaminated blood.

What Type of STD Test is Appropriate?

If you engage in casual sex or have ever had unprotected sex, it is a good idea to be tested for the whole range of STDs. It is worth doing so even if you always use protection during sexual activity or if you have no obvious symptoms of infection, as with many STDs, symptoms are often not apparent for several weeks.

Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

These bacterial infections are the most common STDs in the US, and they are particularly hard to combat because they are often unaccompanied by symptoms. They usually infect the genital area but can go on to affect the eyes, joints and mucous membranes, and newborn babies can pick up the infection from their mothers during labor. If left untreated, these infections can cause infertility and serious complications.

The good news is that all of these infections can be treated with antibiotics. Once an infection occurs, it is important to continue regular screening as the infection can sometimes reoccur, particularly syphilis, which can remain dormant for long periods.

HPV, herpes and HIV

These are the main viral STDs. As with many bacterial STDs, there may be no initial symptoms following infection, although all three eventually lead to symptoms.

In the case of HPV, the initial signs include warts in the genital or head region, and lesions can also form on the respiratory organs, which can lead to breathing problems. Untreated warts and lesions can also become cancerous if they are left untreated.

A herpes infection can have numerous manifestations and affect many parts of the body, including the face, mouth, hands and genitals. Serious contagions can lead to damage in the eyes, brain and central nervous system or trigger mental health problems.

HIV is a deadly viral infection that eventually leads to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Over time, HIV weakens and destroys the immune system, which leaves patients vulnerable to a range of infections that eventually can prove fatal.


Hepatitis is not as well known as STDs like HIV, but it kills more people than AIDs. It is a range of infections associated with inflammation of the liver. Only two types of the virus, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, are transmitted sexually. Among the possible indicators of Hepatitis are yellowing of the skin, poor appetite, vomiting and fatigue.

Don’t take the risk: get tested

In all of these cases, early testing and treatment will maximize your chances of recovery. Regular full STD tests are essential for all sexually active adults, even if you practice safe sex, and should be a routine part of your health care regime.


Providing Your Loved One With The Perfect Place To Rest With Standard Cardboard Coffins

Do you have the task of buying a coffin for someone you love? Most people would agree that this is one of the most difficult purchases you will ever have to make. However, it needs to be done, and you certainly want to provide the person with a nice place of rest.

This is why you should consider the range of standard cardboard coffins that are available. Cardboard coffins are becoming a popular choice because the present a whole host of different benefits, as you will soon discover.

Why do People choose Cardboard Coffins?

There are many different reasons why standard cardboard coffins are a preferred choice, however, the main factor is undoubtedly their environmentally friendliness. Out of all the options that are available, you can lessen your environmental impact dramatically by going for a cardboard coffin.

This is not the only reason to go down the path. Cardboard coffins are available in an array of designs and colours, which means you are guaranteed to find the ideal coffin for your loved one, something that is the perfect fit for them. Cardboard coffins are also incredibly strong, and can typically carry up to 25 stone in weight, yet you can go for those that are designed to carry more than this.

What should you consider when Buying a Coffin?

There are various factors you need to take into account, such as:

Design – If you take a look on the Internet, you will see that you have plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to standard cardboard coffins. You have to consider the design carefully, as you want to ensure it is right for the person you are laying to rest. A lot of people prefer traditional colours and designs while there are some that go for unique and vibrant colours, as they feel this suits the person’s personality better.

Personalisation – You may also want to consider having the coffin personalised with beautiful pictures and paintings. Parents often do this when they are saying goodbye to a child, as they want to make their place of rest more comforting, and thus they will often have the coffin painted with teddy bears, rainbows and such like.

Company – It is not just about choosing a coffin with care, you want to make sure you buy it from a high-quality, reputable company. The best way to determine whether this is the case is to do your research online. Read reviews that have been left by previous customers to see what they have to say about the service they experienced.

Price – The final factor that needs to be considered is the price. Of course, when you are saying goodbye to someone you love, you don’t want money to come into it. But, it is important to be realistic, as you don’t want to buy a coffin that is going to put you in financial difficulty, and it is unlikely that your loved one would have wanted that either. There is nothing wrong with shopping to a budget.


Sending Online Flowers To Your Loved Ones

Flowers are a unique way of expression of love and suits for any occasion brilliantly. When happiness is just a click away, use them diligently to keep the people all around you happy and smiling. Online shopping has brought a whole new world to our lives where everything is possible. It seems like a floating world and you can be anywhere and anytime. For example, if you are currently in London and want to wish your mother on her birthday in a unique way. You can use online service and send flowers to India to your mother who would be more than happy to receive them. Flowers are an amazing gift of God to us, it matches with every situation, emotion, and celebration. Flowers online available are wrapped in wonderful bouquets which provides an astonishing view and therefore, the joy of gifting increases manifold.


Flowers Delivered To India

Distance is not an obstacle any more when your motto is spreading happiness. Send flowers to India using numerous online shopping portals to make your presence felt among your people on various occasions. Flowers are fresh and the style maintained by these eminent florists are class apart which would surely be praised by your friends and family. The experienced florists keep on upgrading the style of bouquet designing with time, thus, adding more to our enjoyment. The flowers know to speak the unspoken and therefore they are the best carriers of love.


Not only flower delivery, delectable cakes are also a click away. As cakes are perishable items, most of these service providers have an express delivery service for a faster delivery. Services like midnight delivery surprises the recipient to a different level and make the loved one happy beyond limits. Happiness is a state of mind and happy moments can be created only by you for your loved ones with just a little thought.


How To Know If The Relationship Is Serious?

When you fall in love you want to be forever or the relationship to last more than necessary. But if you’re not sure your partner feel like it we’ll give you some tips to clear your doubts.


It is most important. When you are with him or they will be shown how? Happy or indifferent, or how often makes plans for them to be and do something different, look at these details and if not what you expect talks to him.


The small details are what give more meaning to a relationship. If both do their best to surprise it is certainly a good sign. But if your partner is very relaxed with it and does not seem interested, then you have to think twice.


Being gracious is elementary that means he wants you to feel well at his side, respecting your ideas and views.


If he wants to share with you all your life, then it will be a person who is easily open to express their feelings and sufferings. If it shows booked it does not mean you do not want to be with you, just try to talk to him to trust you.


They can agree and what you see before you plan to do is a positive factor. Also, to exchange ideas and learn together without being reluctant give points to have a long relationship and stronger.

Manage Fights

Obviously they not always are going to be happy, conflicts help to know better as long as they take positively. But if they fight a lot and are proud then they are only wearing the relationship, but are open to recognize errors are carving a beautiful relationship.

Share Things in Common

Which are different help much, but if they start to apply to each other and do things together are forging a lasting relationship, but remember that also do things for yourself is good for the relationship if then share them among you.

Future Plans

If talk of their projects when you’re in them, not only it makes you feel special but he did know that is serious because you are considering for your future and because he wants to be with you.

Now you know how it goes your relationship, remember that the important thing is patience and not rush to make decisions, communication is fundamental.


The Incredible Ways Technology Is In fluencing Our Relationships

The rate of change in technology is a subject we now discuss regularly. Cultural acceptance of new ideas is happening incredibly fast. Mostly, what we’re seeing is the digitization of every industry. It started with us finding news online. Then we came to see the internet as a place we could listen to radio and watch TV. Now, with Fintech, banking is starting to feel it’s ownership of ‘trust’ subject to the competition that digital offerings provide. AirBnB, Uber and Silicon Valley Unicorns are what makes the news.

In the background, however, digitization is having an effect on other areas of our lives. A number of communication developments have crept in to our lives like a rising tide. Primary among them are the rise of the smart phone and phone plan with large data allowances. Evidentially, they’ve arrived so slowly that we rarely question their presence. How many of us would send a ‘proper’ letter now rather than an email or WhatsApp message? Each of these advancements in digital human interaction has a both positive and negative impact.

‘Intimate’ messages are now a firm part of our relationships

Those working for phone companies when MMS (Multi-Media Messaging – SMSs with pictures) arrived soon realized what the technology was primarily being used for. I vividly remember being in a meeting with a very senior member of staff struggling to find work appropriate words to describe what people sent over the MMS network. ‘Pink bits’ is how she described it.

So called ‘sexting’ is now a part of many intimate relationships, connecting couples when they’re separated by distances they can’t travel conveniently. For most it is harmless fun, an addendum to the physical side of their relationship.

However, with the ubiquity of sexting comes the exceptions to the rule. Once created, digital assets stay in the cloud forever. Spurned partners, both male and female have used what a once trusted and loved other half sent them to shame. The results of this internet bullying are clear and have been called out in multiple studies. It is intensely embarrassing and humiliating to have private moments shared with an audience who was not supposed to see them.

Social Media helps and hinders with friends, family and life

It’s amazing to think that Facebook started, for most of us, only around a decade ago. In that time it has fundamentally changed the way we relate to each other. Old friendships can be renewed, irrespective of how far away the two people involved are. We learn more about each other than we ever used to – being ‘treated’ to images of what our social circle are seeing and the meals they have.

Social media, too, has a dark side. For the nervous and anxious, it can appear a ‘safe’ way to interact socially. Unfortunately, many who succumb to the apparent charm of these interactions substitute digital friendships for real life flesh and blood bonds with family members, to their detriment.

Finding a partner using an algorithm developed by someone else

Internet dating is another feature of our age. Some American reports suggest that 10% of all real life marriages start online now. I met my wife on eHarmony, for example and credit that website with finding a woman capable of the patience required to have a stable relationship with me.

But those who engage in internet dating also have to put up with the negative sides – ghosting, for example, in which, inexplicably, someone with whom you were having fun suddenly disappears from your life. The lack of what psychologists call ‘closure’ and use of a digital medium to avoid what many would consider common decency – a face to face ‘no thanks’ can scar those who suffer it.

Summing up the impact of digital advances on our relationships

We have little choice but to accept digital advances in to our lives. With phone plans and smartphones getting cheaper each year, the journey has just begun. Simple awareness of the down side of these technology can help us navigate the new waters. As with any technology, these new facilities can be used for good or bad and we each have a responsibility to know the difference.