Understanding A TS Woman and Her Desires

Well, we are here to discuss what a TS woman wants, please focus on the word – ‘woman’. A TS woman is exactly like any female on the planet. She likes it when a guy falls for her and gives her all the attention in the world. Now, if you are some guy who is with a TS woman just because you have gay or bisexual fantasies, you are absolutely not with the right person.

A TS woman is not a man with whom you can fulfill your gay fantasies. She is a woman and wants to be treated like one. Now, if you are thinking that she has a penis. Well so what? Think of it, what is that one thing that makes you a man or a woman? Your genitals? NO, it is your own mindset.

However, if for arguments sake we say that IT IS the genitals that makes you a man or a woman, then does any man who has his penis cutoff gets magically converted into a woman? Well, that doesn’t work that way, does it? So, the thing is – a TS woman identifies herself as a female not male, and thus she wants exactly what any woman wants.


How does a TS woman want her sex life to be?

Again, she is a woman, and so she wants it like any female would want it. If not every, most TS women and even trans escort desires a man who is attracted to their feminine appeal, and certainly not their penis. In fact, most of them are having a hard time living with the ‘thing’ being a woman.

Besides, TS women are not homosexuals. If a TS woman is a gay, she is attracted to other females and not males. This makes her a lesbian. So, in simple words, when she is attracted to a guy, that is because she is 100 percent straight.

Also, she wants a man to understand their gentle side and of course help them explore their wild one. A TS woman is not someone on drugs, or crazy, or someone who ‘wants it all the time’. You will be amazed to see that these females are successful in their careers and have high IQs. They don’t just talk about sex 24×7, but discuss subjects like shopping, life, relationships, chocolate and desserts, etc. pretty much like any normal female.


Dating a TS woman

Dating a pre-op TS woman will certainly require a lot of open mindedness and compassion. As a guy you have to value her mindset and feelings, and that is the only way you can built a successful relationship with them. If you are being with her just because of her body, she will figure it out, and the relationship wont workout, no matter how hard you try.

On the other hand, if you love a TS woman for what she is – a woman, you will find that she is more appreciative and feminine than any normal woman. After all, she is a woman who loves being a woman. They dress up really well for dates, and have feminine and seductive voices as well. Overall, wherever you take her, people will see her for what she is – a beautiful and attractive woman?

So, to summarize, just remember that a TS woman is a woman and thus she wants – attention, love, kindness, humor, and above all a man who doesn’t objectify them.

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