How To Determine The Correct Size For Safety Gloves?

Factory workers are exposed to the hazards of work-related accidents on a regular basis. Undoubtedly, providing them adequate safety equipment is the responsibility of an employer. Safety gloves are not only the most widely used, but also one of the most effective safety mechanisms.

Undertaking a hazard assessment is necessary to select the right gloves of the best quality. Once a glove gets selected for use in an industrial application, its size must be determined. As an employer, you will need to select gloves of different sizes, keeping in mind your individual employees, who till now were undertaking various work operations without the added security the safety gloves could provide.

Without a doubt, the possibility of injuries to an unprotected hand is multi fold. A small glove might compromise the wearer’s agility while a pair that is too large can get caught in parts of moving machinery or its edges. Ordering gloves that are too large or too small could result in delays in job completion and also expose employees to the dangers of probable hand injuries. Hand gloves that are too small can make your workers feel uncomfortable and cause fatigue in the hands. On the other hand, if the gloves are too big then it will easily tear or rip apart during use. Gloves that are too loose can even pull the hand or person into a moving machinery, causing fatal accidents in the process. Therefore, you need to choose the size of gloves with great care to ensure that it fits the hand measurements of your workers.


Once you ensure you have the best-fitting gloves, your employees can feel safe and rely on your choice of the best possible protection. The work process will suffer no setbacks as a result.

To determine the correct size of a glove, you will need a measuring tape. You could start with carefully measuring the hands of your employees. The dominant hand should be right for workers who are right handed and left for those who are left handed.

In case the gloves that you opt for are available in similar sizes, then you can relate inch measurement of your hand directly to the actual size of the glove. For instance, if the measurement taken is 7 inches, then you should select a glove of size 7. If the measurement is over 7 inches, then a pair of larger size will be required to avoid the issue of hand fatigue.

In case the gloves that you buy are available in lettered sizes like S, M or XL, you can easily translate to numerical size to ensure easy selection. Since gloves are offered in different lengths, it is essential to decide the glove’s length as per the task the employee would perform wearing them.

Usually, the ideal length of the glove varies according to the depth of immersion in a solution, or the level of splash protection needed. Therefore, you should take considerable time to measure and select the correct glove size to ensure that your employees feel safe at the workplace. This will make sure that no mishaps take place in your factory. The work process will become smoother than before, and as a result, the productivity of your employees will rise.


4 Signs Weight Loss Surgery Is The Right Choice For Your Journey

Most people could stand to lose some weight. It is a problem that creeps up on you—especially as you reach middle age and you start to really accumulate fat around your belly, buttocks and thighs. While no one asks to be extremely overweight, some people truly struggle to keep their weight from getting out of hand. Sometimes the only way to truly help a person in your situation to get rid of excessive weight is through weight loss surgery. The following are four key signs that weight loss surgery might be right for you.


You are Highly Motivated to Change

If you have finally reached the point of wanting to get your obesity under control and you are exhibiting genuine motivation to do what is necessary, then you may be able to benefit from weight loss surgery. This is because weight loss surgery, in and of itself, is not always successful at preventing further obesity. The person receiving weight loss surgery must be motivated and willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes required to gain success with this method of achieving a reduction in weight.

You Are Psychologically Ready

If you are not psychologically ready to handle weight loss surgery, then you may again not gain any benefit from what is sometimes a relatively risky surgical procedure. This is often the case with people who exhibit an unhealthy relationship with food or have full blown, unresolved eating disorders. However, if you go through counseling and get these psychological factors under control, then you may do just fine with weight loss surgery.

If You Have Thyroid Issues

A sluggish thyroid can be a major reason why you find it so hard to lose weight. When thyroid function is low, adrenal function will tend to be high. The reason this becomes a problem is because your body is producing major amounts of cortisol. This hormone is a stress hormone responsible for packing the pounds on your belly. If you cannot reduce your stress and resolve your thyroid issues, then weight loss surgery may be the only meaningful way to address your underlying weight problem.

When Everything Else You Have Tried Has Failed

It seems like some people can dump weight at will. Unfortunately, you are not one of these people. You diet, exercise and have even tried food counseling. Instead of losing weight, you just keep gaining it. If you do not do something soon to stop the accumulation of fat on your body, you know your health will be seriously compromised. In this dire case, weight loss surgery may be your best opportunity towards regaining control of your situation. In fact, it might be worth it to check out a MGB treatment webinar to determine if this surgical approach is right for you.

After Surgery

Your weight loss surgery is now over. The weeks and months that follow are going to determine how effective the decision to have this procedure done has been for your individual case. If you continue to strive to follow recommended guidelines, then your experience should be one of success.