Found Your Soul Mate? Avoid These Mistakes To Make Your Relationship A Perfect One

So, you have just found your soul mate; that person makes you feel like being on the top of the world; keeps you happy and you just feel complete. It is very hard to find such a partner these days, and if you have found one, you should not let go of them.

However, no relationship is fighting proof and perfect. Every relationship sometimes hit the rock bottom. And even if your love calculator result shows that you love each other 100%, that might not come as a rescue when you have made a few relationship mistakes.


If you want to make sure you can carry on a smooth, happy and peaceful relationship, there are a few mistakes you should completely avoid. Let’s find out what are those –

  1. Losing the romance– The first few months of the relationship seems to be the honeymoon period. Everything looks perfect; even the moon (although you know that is just a satellite with rust and dust). But with passing time, it turns out to be pretty boring and you tend to lose the romance. It is probably because you start taking each other for granted. You should make sure that you are still doing those little things to spice the relationship up; even if it has been so many years that you have been dating for.
  2. Trying to have control over each other’s lives – Even if you are in a live-in relationship, and you have been together for a long period of time, it still doesn’t give you the right to control each other’s lives. It makes the other person feel suffocated and you should totally avoid that.
  3. Not paying attention to what the other one is saying – A lot of couples make the mistake of avoiding what their partners are saying. This could make the partner feel unwanted and irritated. You both should pay attention to each other and listen.
  4. Being dishonest or unfaithful – The rule of being in a peaceful and healthy relationship is, to be honest, and faithful to your partner. Lies of any sort will definitely wreck what you have. A truth can be harsh, but a lie is going to come out eventually and that will hurt your partner in the future even more. And that might end up the entire thing completely. So if you wish to lead a peaceful, long lasting and a happy relationship, you should never be dishonest to your partner.
  5. Expecting perfection – Nothing in this world is perfect. And honestly, perfection is a myth. And you should not expect things or the person you are with to be perfect too. Any mistake can be forgiven. All you need is a will to do. Do not make a big deal out of everything.
  6. Trying to make them feel guilty – Most of the times, couples try to make the other person feel guilty by blaming them for things they haven’t probably done deliberately. Or by showing disregard in everything that they do. This is something really unhealthy for your relationship. Doing such things will make the other person feel hatred for you.
  7. Leaving no time for one another – Most relationships break due to the lack of intimacy, lack of interest and lack of time for each other. No matter how busy you are, you still should take out time for each other. Make things up and talk. Have fun, eat and go out on a weekend trip. Reviving the relationship will make it a smooth one.
  8. Trying to change the other person – You did fell in love with the person because of what he/she is. Then why try to change the person to someone else after a year? This is something that can make the other person feel really uninterested towards you. People change automatically for their loved ones when they want to. You do not have to force them to change for you.
  9. Being disrespectful – Being together brings a lot of responsibilities. When you expect the other person to respect you and your feelings, you should do the same in return. Disrespecting their family members, friends, their decisions, their dreams, and desires or themselves, can turn out to be harmful to the relationship.
  10. 10. Allowing too much distance to develop – No matter what the issue is, you should not let it get in between you two. Do not allow a fight be the reason for distance and do not let that distance grow. This will make it harder for you to make amendments and with time it will be quite hard for you to minimize such a distance.
  11. 11. Being selfish – A healthy relationship is all about love and sacrifice and you should not be selfish. If you wish to continue a healthy and long-time relationship, you better make sure there is no place for greed and selfishness. Learn to compromise rather than trying to get your way all the time.
  12. 12. Not appreciating each other enough – People start taking their partners for granted after a few years and that is one of the reasons relationships don’t last long. You should make sure that you appreciate your partner once in a while. Exchange gifts and surprise each other. Make each other feel worthy enough.
  13. 13. Avoiding confrontation – It is never healthy to avoid a confrontation. If you have a problem with your partner, you should go ahead and talk about it; rather than avoiding it. Avoiding such a situation will ruin your peace of mind and you might start developing grudges against them.
  14. 14. Keeping ego – After a fight, it is really not healthy to keep ego and not talking about it. Talking makes everything perfect again. Keeping a lot of egos will bring distance to your relationship and that cannot be healthy for it. Keep your ego aside and patch up proactively, almost after every fight.

A relationship is quite a fragile thing. Make sure you handle it with care if you wish to have a healthy and happy love life. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, at all costs!


6 Most Common Reasons Why Relationships Are Terminated

A long-term relationship is the goal of many, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Half a century ago, divorce was still taboo and people stayed together for many years. Nowadays it is a lot different given the number of divorces in the last years. Every relationship breaks with a reason but not always. It is possible that the relationship is broken unilaterally but more often it happens in consultation. It usually does not happen overnight, but it strikes over a long period of indifference and neglect of the relationship. There are a number of common reasons why relationships are stranded and chances are that you are guilty of one or more of these reasons. These are the six biggest problems shared by top matrimonial sites in India that affect many relationships.

1. No Priority for the Relationship

One of the common reasons why relationships are ended is that love does not take precedence over the other obligations. There is the work that is being spent more and more time, the children have to be taken away and there is still sports. In a tight schedule, the relationship is often forgotten, which can ultimately lead to a break.

2. There is too much Talk

Talk to each other regularly is a good sign but it can also be too much. Someone continuously chasing messages on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, by sms and so on can destroy a relationship. This is of course especially the case when one person does it. The person who undergoes it is under constant pressure that no one can sustain for a long time.

3. Sex Feels like an Obligation

Sex is not something that has to feel like something that needs to be done. It is precisely meant as a way to show love for each other and to make a connection with each other. What often happens is that sex is not spoken about. This can be out of shame but also for another reason. Whatever the reason, it is important to communicate openly with each other.

4. Quarrels about Money

Who says that money does not make you happy is partly right. What makes at least not happy are quarrels about money. In a relationship money can be a source of annoyance, especially if one of them spends much more than the other. A different view of how the earned money is spent is an important cause of broken relationships.

5. No Freedom

Everyone knows a person who can not do anything about his or her partner. Quality time applies to free time for the partner and the family, but also for dealing with friends . Unfortunately, this is not self-evident in every relationship. The dependence on one person creates a suffocating feeling for the other person. The result is not that both come closer together, but actually get further away from each other.

6. No Interest Anymore

If you have known each other for many years, have no secrets and see each other every day, then you can sneak into forgetting who you are dealing with. Boredom in the relationship is lurking with the result that you no longer show any interest in the other person. This can be prevented by continuing to ask questions about things you do not yet know. How long you have known each other, there is always something you do not know yet.

If you do not give enough priority to your relationship, you run the risk that you and your partner grow apart. The relationship is not something that should be on your to-do list. Prevent your relationship from getting into a rut and already think about how to prevent this.